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Greenville Java™ Users Group

Last modified: 13 March 2014

Meeting Time and Location

Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at: Find Great People 15 Brendan Way #140 Greenville, SC 29615 (864) 297-0000 at 6:30PM

If you need assistance, please contact John Yeary, President/JUG Leader at (864) 363-6655.

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Meeting - Next Monthly Meeting

SCHEDULE: MEETING scheduled for the 13th of March @ 6:30PM at Find Great People (FGP).

SPEAKER: Glen Peterson

TOPIC: Java 8 Lambdas and Functional Data Transformations


This talk will discuss lambdas in Java 8 in general, my side-effect-free transformers, and the new Java 8 interface default methods (and static methods) and what they mean for API design.

The side effect free data transformation project can be found on GitHub

AUDIENCE: Everyone


Pizza and Drinks by Find Great People.

REGISTRATION: Please register here.

Oracle™ Certified Java™ Programmer Boot Camp

We conduct a FREE ten (10) week Oracle™ Certified Professional Java™ SE 7 Programmer (Official Oracle Site) exam preparation that is open to all members.

If you wish to participate, please purchase the required books and have completed reading the sections prior to coming to the meeting. The books, presentations, and code samples can be found here.

NOTE: If you want to participate in the boot camp, please sign up at JUG Events.

Please see the details for our program and get more information: Oracle™ Certified Java™ Programmer.

Upcoming Meetings

January: Chromebooks, Java, Cloud, and Minecraft... Oh My!

February: Canceled for Weather

March: Java 8 Lambdas and Functional Data Transformations

April: Wildfly EE Server


June: OPEN

July: OPEN

August: OPEN

September: OPEN

October: OPEN

November: JavaOne 2014 Discussion

December: Annual Christmas Party

Previous Meetings

Previous meetings can be found here: Previous Meetings.

Mission Statement

The Greenville Java™ Users Group is a community of Java™ programmers who meet to discuss Java™ technologies. Our goal is to keep the community informed of new technology, exchange ideas, and educate.

Membership and Participation

The group is open to anyone. Please join the membership by bookmarking the project and becoming an Observer. You can also join our mailing lists. Any content contributions, or presentation requests can be posted to the mailing lists.

Note: There is a job mailing list for postings on current job openings.

We also have a GreenJUG Wiki for people to contribute on.


If you are a technology blogger, and want to add your blog list, please let us know.


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For more information contact John Yeary. My blog contains a lot of Enterprise Java Content: Java Evangelist John Yeary's Blog.

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